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Locked In Escape Room - Logan is a hands-on adventure game in which players use elements of a themed room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. We can accommodate groups of up to 10 players in a room.  This is a perfect family night activity, a great date experience, or team building event.  Can you find the clues and solve the mysteries to escape in time?


Locked In Escape Room - Logan is pleased to introduce to Cache Valley a unique and immersive entertainment experience. 

What is an escape room?
Our escape rooms are a hands-on adventure game in which players are placed in a themed room and have to use elements of the room to find clues, open locks, and solve a series of puzzles or riddles to find their way out in the allotted amount of time.

Who would enjoy an escape room experience?

EVERYONE!  Families, Couples, Friends, Puzzle lovers, Corporate Team Building, Travelers 

Escape Rooms appeal to all demographics.  We are a great family activity, date night for couples or groups of friends looking for something new, fun, different, and exciting to do that requires disengaging from personal electronics to communicate and work together to achieve a common goal.  

What ages can play an escape room?

Good question!  Because of the complexity of the puzzles in our games, we recommend participation by those ages 10 and older.  No admittance ages 8 and under.  Groups of minors ages 14 and under MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult in the room with them. All persons in the room must have a paid reservation.  

Do we arrange custom times for corporate clients or larger groups?

Yes!  If you are interested in using our facility for a team building event, church youth group activity, large groups or private party, please contact us directly at to arrange a custom time for your group.

What do our customers say about their experiences?  Here are a few examples:

  • "This was a fun mind workout. It was a great team effort. The best parts were the screams of elation when we figured out the next clue."  

  • "So much fun. Great activity that is different from your average date night. Highly recommend."  

  • "Super creative and fun! Went with my prom group for our day date and we all loved it!" 

  • "Great time. It was so fun and we talk about it for days, can't wait to go and try another one"

  • "Such a fun experience! Way better than going to a movie! Our game masters were excellent and really helped us keep moving along. It was hard enough to require all of us working together to solve clues but not so hard it was frustrating."

  • "Super fun escape room! This was my first time doing one and it was so exciting and exhilarating! It was fun to see how we had to put our heads together to solve many of the clues. It was tough, but we had a good, smart group and were able to complete Area 51 within an hour! Highly recommend!"

  • This was seriously the best date night anywhere in Logan. We had a blast! We will be coming back! 

Check out more reviews on our Facebook page, Google and Tripadvisor!  

We are recommended on Tripadvisor, ranked #1 Things To Do in Logan: Fun and Games and received their Certificate of Excellence 2019

Still not sure what escape rooms are all about?  Take a look at this...

We often get asked "What is an Escape Room?" If you have ever wondered this, take a look at this YouTube video of a group of reporters in Pittsburgh experiencing an Escape Room for the first time.

**This video is not of our facility, but only recommended to help viewers understand what an escape room experience is like.**

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