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 As a locally-owned, family-run small business we appreciate your continuing support.  We maintain the highest standards for operating a healthy and safe entertainment experience for our guests. 

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Welcome to Locked In Escape Room - Logan

We are Cache Valley's PREMIER Escape Room Experience.  

Locked In Escape Room - Logan:  Escape rooms built by people who love escape rooms!


Reservations are strongly recommended, book early for best availability.  Cost is $24.00 per person. Check our Deals page for any current specials.  Walk-ins accepted based on availability only.

Our Rooms



Four years after the Ripper murders mysteriously stopped, people are once again dying in the streets of London. On your way to a pub for a night out with friends, it happens;  A sharp blow to the head, and then, darkness.

You awaken in a dimly lit room with your leg shackled to the wall.  You are not alone in the damp, musty darkness.  Fear creeps through you as you realize that the Ripper has you.  The only way to survive is to find a way to escape before your captor returns and you become the latest victim of... RIPPER.


*No players under 14 admitted.  All groups must be accompanied by an adult 18 or over.  Minimum group size is 4, maximum group size is 8.

Jail Break

Welcome to the big house.  You are Doing time for a crime  you "didn't" commit.  Can you find the clues and solve the puzzles left for you by previous inmates? You have one chance to make a break for your freedom.  

Minimum Group size 4, maximum 10

Difficulty Level: Challenging,  4 out of 5

The Haunting of Moonrise Manor

For many years Moonrise Manor was the most extravagant and glamorous of all the homes in the city.  To be seen attending an event there would surely land you in the society columns.  That is until one fateful night when the owners were found dead in their beds but from no apparent cause.  Having no heirs to maintain the home, it slowly fell into disrepair. 

Now, decades later new owners are trying to restore the home once again to its former glory.  But all is not going as planned.  What otherworldly forces are at work? Who (or what) is causing the disruption at Moonrise Manor? 

You and your team of ghost hunters have been tasked with 2 objectives:  Identify the ghost that is inhabiting this old house, and set the spirit free.  Are you up to the challenge, or will you be spooked away?

Minimum group size 4, maximum group size 8

Difficulty Level: Challenging,  4 out of 5

Lost in the 50's


Grandpa Leo promised that one day, “This would all be yours”. But now that he’s gone, greedy developers want to tear down his beloved diner to build a new mall. You and your team will be transported back to the time of bobby socks, milkshakes at the soda fountain and the golden age of Rock and Roll!  Can you find the deed and stop the demolition of this beautiful historic landmark, or will you and this piece of history be forever… LOST IN THE 50’s?

*Minimum group size 4, maximum group size 10

Difficulty Level: Challenging,  4.5 out of 5

Area 52: A.I.B. Agents In Black

Reports of a crashed spaceship are circulating around town.  You are members of the secret A.I.B (Agents In Black); an elite organization tasked with keeping the general public blissfully in the dark about alien activity on this planet. You must investigate this crash and secure the evidence gathered by known conspiracy theorists Edgar and Beatrice which they have hidden away on their farm.  Are they just crazy eccentrics or do they know more than they should?  It is up to your team to neutralize the scene.


Maximum group size 6

Difficulty Level: Medium,  2 out of 5

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Hours, Location & Pricing

Locked In Escape Room Logan is $24.00 per person. Private rooms available by booking all spaces in the room.  Everyone in the room must have a paid ticket.


Monday:  4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Tuesday:  *By Appointment for groups of 6 or more*

Wednesday:*By Appointment for groups of 6 or more*

Thursday:  4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Friday: 3:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am - 10:30 pm
Sunday: Closed
**Please contact us directly to book a custom time for your group or event.  Custom times available by appointment for groups of 6 or more.**

124 S 600 W SUITE 100

Logan UT  84321

Phone:  435-374-8699